An empty wall can sometimes be dull. But it can always be a good project to work on. There are actually quite a few things you can do to your boring walls. A few changes can make a wall or even a room. Adding something to your wall can make it look like new. You might not even recognize your room after making some changes.  

Whatever your preferences are, there’s always room for your tastes. Other than adding to them, you can also decorate them and give them a new life. Here are some things you can do to spice up your walls. 

  1. Make a Gallery Wall 

You don’t have to be good at photography in order to put up some pictures and make a gallery on the wall. And not only photographs can be hung. You can also go for art collections like paintings or other wall hangings. Go for frames that will complement each other. 

  1. Opt for a Large Art 

If the wall you’re planning to design is big, then hang a large artwork. You can go for an upscaled photograph or a big painting of your liking.  

  1. Hang Some Mirrors 

Mirrors will work great if your space and wall are on the smaller size. They reflect light which creates the illusion of a bigger space. You can go for a big one or small several ones. Not only will they be able to add a design aesthetic to the room but they will be functional as well. 

  1. Display a Nice Fabric 

Do you have a fabric or tapestry from your latest trip and want to show it to others? Go hang it on the wall. It will add a personalized and customized feel to the room. Beautiful textiles can now be displayed and you can set an example to it for your friends. Fabrics are also easier to remove should you change your mind about it. 

  1. Go for a Mural 

Paint a mural or hire someone to do it for you. A mural can be a beautiful piece of art that can look good in a room.  

  1. Hang Some Plates 

Chrome, ceramic, China, or gold-plated plates can be hung on the wall using plate racks or hangers. They will look best in the kitchen. But who will correct you if you want to display in the living room?  

  1. Have Some Shelves Installed 

Make your walls operational by installing shelves. Store your book collections, small sculptures and accessories, and other bits and bobs in floating shelves to save floor space or create a new one.  

Walls can be compared to a canvas that you can paint on. Or in this case, hang something on as well. But before doing any designing, make sure you identify what type of wall you have. Not all walls are meant for heavy loads. If you have a drywall that needs to be repaired, drywall repair Asheville can help fix it for you.